Ball & String? Oh Ball Foot Massager Review [Ohh Feels Good]

I know you’ve been there. Your feet are tired and sore, nothing seems to be working, you just really want someone to massage your feet, but either:

If you’re like me, you grab your own foot and give it a go, but that doesn’t work either. After wearing that compression sock all day (which works) you really don’t want to touch your feet anyway. There’s something about rubbing your own feet that just doesn’t get the job done, right?

Well, problem solved, enter The Oh Ball Foot Massager.

The Oh Ball in Action

Here’s why we love the Oh Ball: It was designed by a plantar fasciitis sufferer who was looking for a better way to alleviate the stress and pain in the plantar fascia using the ball-roll technique, but without fumbling around with a tennis ball.

“…But, tennis balls work great!” you say.

…maybe, for most. I’ve used a tennis ball most of my life, but The Oh Ball is an upgrade on a few different levels.

Those are my two key benefits.

Here is what the makers of The Oh Ball say about the product:

The Oh Ball Review

One of the top reasons that we decided to test out the Oh Ball was because of the shinning reviews that it received on amazon, especially those that came directly form doctors, personal trainers, and physical therapists. We have to agree that this is a great product that offers a lot of precision. It is super easy to use, can fit anywhere, looks pretty cool, and can be used as a weapon in a desperate situation. Maybe that last point is our inner Bruce Lee nunchaku fan coming out…

If you want to check out what reviewers on Amazon say about the Oh Ball click here.

Since the Oh Ball was designed specifically for plantar fasciitis it does a great job and helping that out. But, what surprised us is how versatile this thing is. You can roll out almost any part of your body with this thing including your back, quadriceps, pectorals, etc.

Negatives for The Oh Ball

Negatives of The Oh Ball are sparse, but there are some and we’d be remiss if we didn’t call out some of the potential product downsides that we found ourselves and online.

These are not really negative reviews though, you can always send the product back and get a new one if it isn’t working right. As far as the packaging is concerned the manufacturer recommends that you put your fingers between the top in where the ball starts and press back and forward and the top will slowly work its way out. Really this is a straight forward product, a wood ball on a string… Which brings up another one of the common negatives we saw about this product.

Why does a wooden ball on a string cost so much? Lets give it a try to explain this one, first off you can get cheaper knock-offs if you want… but this one has these things going for it.

I doubt that the cheap knock-offs can tout any of that.

Should You Get The Oh Ball?

So, the answer entirely depends on your personal budget and your level of foot pain.

To us, this is a great piece of equipment for a good price. It is high quality and lets you control exactly where you need it to be. Tennis balls and lacrosse balls are different than the Oh Ball, they squish and this doesn’t so they do different things. We actually really loved the look of this product too.

Purchase the Oh Ball or read through more reviews on Amazon

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