Ouch! 5 Reasons You Have Foot Pain [You Can Fix Most]


We use ’em a lot. I’m a pretty inactive person and based off my iPhone Health Data, I still walked 4 miles yesterday.

So, even when we’re not using them all that much, our ol’ dogs are still getting in a pretty nice workout. Which means, you stand a pretty good chance of developing foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

That said, plantar fasciitis doesn’t just come out of left field. There are some reasons a person might develop the condition. Most preventable, maybe one or so, not so much.

5 Main Reasons You Will Develop Plantar Fasciitis

You’re Overweight

Most of us are, bub. It’s just a fact of life these days – nothing to be ashamed of…but here’s the thing – your feet were designed to support your body in its normal range of weight. Fortunately, the human body can adapt in a myriad of ways, but it still has its limits.

Put an extra 10, 15, or 20 pounds on your frame and your feet are responsible for moving that extra weight. Multiplied over the course of thousands of steps per day – that’s a monstrous load.

That adds up. Before you know it that lil’ tendon that runs across the bottom of your foot, the plantar fasciia, it’s going to be crying for some relief.

You Have Bad Shoes

We go for style and shoe companies go for cash. Given the choice between style of shoe and profit margins and comfortable-ness, shoe companies are going for profit every time.

And most people are going for style.

That could be costing you in the foot pain department though. Especially women with your super crazy heels and everything.

There are very comfy foot friendly shoes everywhere if you look. Or, you don’t even have to look, you can let me help you find them.

Truth is though, you may not even have to sacrifice style. Grab a fancy-dancy foot pain insole into your stylish shoe and wa-lah!

All the foot comfort in the world without all the style sacrifice.

You Run Too Much

Aside from weight gain, the number one cause of plantar fasciitis and foot pain is overuse. Particularly in the area of runners. In fact, plantar fasciitis is often referred to as “Runner’s Heel.”

You LOVE to run though, right? So what can you do?

Spend some money on better shoes for your feet. That’s one. Secondly, you can alternate your training with lower impact exercise. Lastly, many runners use compression socks to both increase blood flow to their feet and provide a little extra support while running.

Machines like ellipticals or programs like Shaun T’s INSANITY can give you a great low impact workout to keep your heart moving and give your feet some recovery time.

Foot Structure

Some folks just have flat feet. My son has flat feet. I dated a girl once that had flat feet. You can’t do anything about that except be cognizant of what you are putting on your feet and how much you are making your feet work.

People with flat feet can find relief through an arch bandage or certain insoles designed for flat feet.

On Your Feet All Day

File this one under overuse as well, but it does deserve its own heading because even a lot of Americans do not run. However, they do stand for very long periods of time throughout their workday or at home as stay-at-home parents.

Hours upon hours of your feet supporting your potentially overweight body and you’ve got a perfect recipe for plantar fasciitis. Or, at the very least, the perfect storm for a plantar fasciitis flare up. Keeping your feet stretched, strong, and using foot massagers to roll out knots can help a ton for this.


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